Friday, February 20, 2009

We did it!

As I mentioned, we went to Spokane this past weekend and that was all good, but the downside was I stopped taking my nausea medicine for a few nights so I wouldn't sleep all day while there. Boy did I pay for that the next few days. Also, when we left Peyton was battling a cold and when he woke up on Sunday, he seemed a lot worse. Due to all this, him and I have spent most of the week fairly sick, he also gave me his monster cold and sore throat, so we have been watching more TV then usual, especially cartoons. Ok, to the good part of the story, with all this added Dora time Peyton has started to pick up more stuff from the show. While sitting in the living room one day, he started swinging his arms from side to side and singing. We couldn't tell exactly what he was singing, but then he lifted both arms in the air and said "Yeah". Upon a closer listen, he was singing his version of "we did it" (the song they always do at the end.) Never before has my son broken out in spontaneous song, and even now we can't get him to do it on demand, only when the little performer feels like it. I did try to capture a picture but couldn't on account of his superstar attitude.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Psycho Idol

Most years Jesse and I watch the American Idol auditions just to allow them the benefit of having two more critics, (we are quite self-less,) and we usually even stick around for Hollywood week, but after that we are spent. I get sick of hearing them sing sooo much, and Jesse just plain gets annoyed. But wait, my gut is telling me this will not be that kind of year. We have already picked our favorites, and we like them so much we feel compelled to vote to help send them through. They need us! But who are these artists that have pulled us into their gravitational field, separating us from our sane one where we never vote! Well, the two men forcing us into this obsession are Danny Gokey and ,quick swoon, Adam Lambert.

Now neither are traditionally good looking, but they've got that somethin, that voice that makes your body physically react, and subsequently have to keep rewinding the song to feel that same sensation again. Jesse has a serious man crush on Adam, I am now starting to understand what a "bromance is!" To prove we are not crazy, I want you to take a listen to the siren and his song (on the side bar, down just a little), and freely feel your body being pulled towards the sharp rocks and cliffs we call American Idol. I doubt you will be able to find your way back!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dance Fever...p.s. I love Justin Timberlake

So this is a hilarious sketch from SNL featuring one of my favorite guys ever, Justin Timberlake. To make him better, all you have to do is dress him in a leotard and heels, throw Andy Samberg and some other guy in the same ensemble, and then have them bust a move with Beyonce to teach us all the power of being a single lady. It is about five min long, but you will sing my praises when you see it!

I have posted the sketch at the bottom of the page, but you can also try to view it by going to this link:

Happy Laughing!

It's a nice day for a... fast wedding!

As I emerged from my room one morning, I was greeted by Melia saying, "Sarah's getting married." I thought, ok, we knew she was engaged so this was expected, but she was not finished, "on February 13th." What! she was getting married next Friday, that was not much warning. Apparently, they wanted to get married, and quick. After making some fast plans, Dad, Erica, Madison, Peyton, and I were set to head over. However, for such a quick wedding they felt it would be easier to just have a super small ceremony, and they decided to get married at the Hitching Post in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (where her parents got married.) Since the guest list had to be capped at 15, we were no longer going to attend the ceremony, instead just the bash afterwards. It was still worth it to us, so on Thursday night we strapped the kids in and headed to Spokane. Of all the road trips across the state I've been on, this was not the most enjoyable, but we managed it, sort of...bad mom alert, I took Peyton out the last twenty minutes or so and let him sit on my lap to see the lights of Spokane and keep him from crying.

We weren't going to have much time there, and that kinda bummed me out. One of the best things about Spokane, besides that my family lives their of course, is all the great food they have there. Man, Erica and I could have used to be there a while longer because we only got to hit up the Pita Pit, and had to skip Zips, Tomato Street, Papa John's etc. But the pita was delicious!

All of us just hung out Gramma and Papa's all day and then headed out Friday evening to the reception (yes they got married on Friday the 13th!) Peyton was glued to us for a while, but then he hit is stride, swiping food, opening cupboards, sneaking candy. Exhibit A, he was a fan of the blueberry plate and the m&m's dish!

Peyton with cousin Dylan, this was the best "together" picture I could get of them

He didn't interact with his cousins too much, they just coexisted. Naturally, Steve (uncle) had to take him out to the garage and let him sit on a bike or two, he has a ton and has already bought some for his grand kids. Hopefully, Peyton doesn't get any grand ideas, his grandpa will never buy him one! Steve taught him how to rev it, so he would twist the handle and make a little engine noise, CUTE!
Five generations of Peterson blood, my (great) Gramma P is 99!

The trip was too short, and we didn't get to visit with the fam much, but it was better than not going. Monica (cousin) was quite pissed that we weren't there long enough to hang out, and because we were the first of the family to leave the reception (Dad and Erica aren't much for socializing, or watching gift openings, they are worse than me!) Hopefully, we can get back soon, man I miss it there!
The happy couple, Sarah and Curtis, he was six minutes late to the wedding, and will never live it down!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obsessed with Ilee...

Well, Peyton is obsessed with Ilee. About two weeks ago we went up to Seattle to visit Jesse's brother Nathan, his wife Raya, and their daughter Ilee for the weekend. On the way up, we were trying to get Peyton to say all of their names, and he was doing an excellent job with Ilee's. While there, he said it a few times and ran around the house chasing her saying it, but I wasn't sure he knew that she was Ilee. Once home, he has been saying her name all the time. He takes this little book that has Morgan family portraits in it and he flips straight to her picture and says "Ilee." We were impressed, he doesn't even seem to acknowledge who we are or our names. As we were in the car going to Spokane he kept saying her name because he thought that was where we were going again, how cute! I guess now he has three friends he can identify; Ilee, Elmo, and Dora (boy does my son have a well rounded life!)
The two of them together about a year ago (Ilee is about 8 or 9 mos older)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

He's just not that into you...

As one of my first escapes from the house, for anything fun, Melia and I decided to catch a chick flick. Originally, we wanted to see "Bride Wars", but we were too late, its not playing anymore, so we settled for "He's just not that into you". Armed with our candy and drinks, we picked out our seats and headed for the popcorn. I think I am still over doing the food thing a bit, I am just so happy to be eating that I'm going a bit overboard. The movie didn't dissapoint, I actually liked it better than I thought I would. There were some definite laugh out loud moments that I did not expect. Melia and I walked away with a very valuable lesson learned, we need to get boyfriends. It's a lot of work to get one, but they will put in the effort that husbands don't, they are still trying to impress you! By the end of the night we decided we were old, and headed home to our video game playing husbands, of course that just reinforced our previous decision :)!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My secret weapon

Now that food and I are back on friendly terms I have resumed cooking a couple of nights a week. Since I don't cook that often, I feel like going all out when I do, it's fun and the food is awesome. To get my rave reviews I have had to bring out some new dishes that will really wow, however, I cannot come up with recipes on my own. So now I am obsessed with cooking out of these cookbooks I came across. They are called "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes" and they rock. Just a few nights ago I made an Olive Garden spread, and last week I made Outback's Alice Springs Chicken. Coming up I am doing a Chinese night with recipes from Applebees and PF Changs, and some Red Lobster chowder and cheddar biscuits (different nights of course). He also has some other cookbooks that recreate name brand foods from the store and fast food. I made Girl Scout Thin Mints and they were also a huge hit. If you feel like you are stuck in a cooking rut, try these, you won't regret it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Both heartbeats are really strong...

Today was the first of many trips to Olympia for my little tadpole. It was just the nurse today, but they found the heartbeat (after a few minutes of searching, my guys like to hide) and it was good, so I guess I'm pregnant for sure. My heartbeat was also good, ha ha ha both heartbeats are strong (it's a "Friends" thing, but Jesse was cracking up about it while we were listening to the little flutter of the tiny heart.) I told that to Melia when I got home and she was irate for me leading her to believe that it was twins, score for me. The best news, though, I have lost over twenty pounds since getting pregnant, which is good otherwise I would gain way too much weight. This concerned the nurse a little bit, but I assured her that I am now eating. That's about all the news I have, oh wait, my due date is now around July
31st, ok that's all I have!