Monday, August 31, 2009

Diamonds and Tiaras

After yet another weekend out of town I am starting to feel like a nomad. I unpack only to repack again. All of our goings have been totally enjoyable and I still have to do blogs about the Zoo, Tum Tum, Jesse and the twins birthdays, but tackling this last weekend seemed easier. We are out of town again next weekend and then back over to Spokane at the end of September, but after that we should be here more. I never thought I would travel so much in my condition with a newborn, oh well.

It began with a Princess themed birthday party (tiaras) for Ilee, Jesse's niece, up in Seattle. Luckily, Peyton got to be a prince (hence the crowns), but that meant no heels or makeup for him. He still seems to be at that age where toys interest him more than people, so he didn't socialize a ton. He did however, sing happy birthday so cutely and then attempted to blow out the candles for Ilee. Of course, he then preceded to eat only the frosting off the cupcake and well, you can see the result.

After the party we then got to the diamond part of the evening. The event we all had been waiting for. A mariners game. And not just a Mariners game, but a game with great seats. We were only 5 rows from the field and check out our view...
The game was in honor of both Nathan, his brother, and Jesse's birthdays. It was interesting having two newborns there (the toddlers stayed home with a sitter), but they did give us great inspiration for our rally fries sign.

We thought it was good, and it was definitely the biggest and boldest one that night. Unfortunately, we were not honored with the fries but we did make it onto the jumbo screen, not on TV though. Bummer! Our section was super pumped about that and they all thought we should get them. Don't fret, we did treat ourselves to some garlic fries anyways, yummo. The night was really fun, a little scary because we were always on the lookout for foul balls, we just wish we had the opportunity to do stuff like that more often. Thanks Nathan and Raya, Happy Birthday boys!

Friday, August 28, 2009

We made it 1 month, barely!

As I write this, Peyton is standing next to me whining because he wants to play on the computer and Brady is working into a cry. You can maybe understand why I have gotten so far behind in blogging. We have been super busy and that also hasn't given me much time to write and the sheer amount of stuff to do is daunting. However, I wanted to make sure and get Brady's update on here.

The poor little guy has had a rough first month of life, and that hasn't made life so grand for the rest pf us either. For a while now he has been screaming, a lot, like he is in pain, he isn't sleeping well, can't breathe very well, and still isn't a good eater. After a particularly bad night we decided to take him to the doc, because it seemed like he had a lot of the same problems Madison did. The doc confirmed that he probably has acid reflux and so now he has started some medicine. We also did the chiropractor and gave him a blessing. Hopefully, with that trifecta he will start feeling better and be a more content and happy baby. If not, Mommy might start pulling out her hair! Other than that, he seems perfectly healthy. He weighed in at a chunky 8lbs 8oz yesterday, no wonder he feels so heavy! Every day seems to be mostly about survival and I am just so happy we are all alive (some days are closer than others) that I haven't been able to take in the big pic, so he really doesn't seem a month old to me! Trust me, I really do love him, I just question my sanity for wanting more kids when I already have a Peyton. Ok, the screaming is starting, gotta go!

Hopefully I will get more up soon!

Yes, that is Peyton head butting his little brother, a regular occurrence!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brady and Brynlee's Blessing

Wow, that's a lot of B's. Because lots of Jesse's family was in town, he and his brother decided to have our baby's blessed on the same day out in Morton since we were already all gathered together. It was really special to do them on the same day, I felt bad those in our ward didn't get to see it, but family comes first. Jesse and his brothers and sister even did a musical number. I heard it was really good, unfortunately I was banished to the nursery to, well nurse (they don't have a mother's room there) and watch after a super cranky Peyton! The whole weekend was nice, I enjoyed getting to see the fam, even though I was stuck upstairs most of the time nursing. It seems like the rest of the summer is pretty booked up for us, there isn't a weekend where we are going to be here. Apparently, we felt the need to try and shove a whole summer into one month. I hope I am up for it. The pain is getting better, but the more I do, the more I regress. So, anyways, here are some picutres we took afterwards. Good idea Raya!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brady's first week

We did it, we survived a whole week and everybody is healthy and accounted for. Overall, he has been a very good baby. He still loves to cuddle with his mama, but he is not on me nearly as much. Unfortunately, he still likes to feed for 1-2 hrs so I have switched over to bottles at night(which he drinks much faster) to save my sanity, but I am trying to do mostly boob during the day. We have already had a couple outings, mostly to the doctor, but we did take him to, ready, a movie! I know, I hate people that bring their noisy kids to the movies, but I had been dying to see Harry Potter and I didn't know what to do with him. I promise, if he wasn't a new newborn I never would have done it. Luckily, he was very well behaved and only whimpered a little near the end. Plus we picked the afternoon show and it was almost deserted. This weekend will be his first night away from home because we are headed out to Morton to see family and get him blessed along with his cousin. Other than that our days are still mostly about survival and I am very nervous for Jesse to go back to work, but what are you going to do. Enjoy the pics. BTW, I think he is definitely looking more like Peyton now, sometimes eerily so.

Peyton is starting to acknowledge him more. He often comes and lays his head down beside him or gives him kisses, but for the most part he doesn't exist.

Parker is still about twice Brady's size but we got them to cuddle all cute together. Hopefully they'll get to be good play mates growing up together.