Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Blessing

This was the weekend we were to go over to Ellensburg and finally see the newest member of the Morgan family, Blake. He is Jesse's nephew, son of Casey and Liz. His baby blessing was taking place on Sunday and we knew we were going to go, but we decided we didn't want to just drive over in the morning, cause wow that would be early, so we made a loop starting Saturday by going up to Seattle and staying with another one of Jesse's brothers Nathan and his wife Raya. We always love staying with them because of all the sisters in law, and there are a lot, I am probably closest with her and Jesse is really clos with Nathan. Plus they have a daughter that isn't too much older than Peyton and she is really nice to him. She is actually the one that inspired him to walk so we were hoping the same thing would happen with the talking but no luck. Unfortunately, we didn't leave Ony as early as we would have liked and we didn't get to do too much Sat. but we did go out to dinner (mexican) then out for ice cream (Cold Stone, yum!) and back to the house for some Office viewing. They are huge fans and put us to shame, but it is fun to watch with someone else.
The next morning was all about early rising and lots of driving. We had to be up and out by 8 o'clock which meant waking up P. He was suprisingly good in the car but had a minor melt down at church, tradeoffs. Luckily, Jesse's cousin was also having his baby, Addison a tiny little girl, blessed that day. A little 2 for 1 action. That was neat for Jesse to be in two circles in one day, though.

After, we went to local park and the kids got to run themselves ragged while we had a nice little meal. Everyone elses kids crashed out and took naps but ours, can't stop him. Worked out well though since he slept the entire way home, yay! Three hours, what a joy! It was nice to be able and hang out and visist with everyone, it has been a long time since we have seen some of his family, and we hadn't been able to see the babies yet. Peyton's cousins had fun trying to play with him at the playground, taking him down slides and stuff. He wasn't going for it, we had to let them know he is just too independent for that, just let him throw himself down head first. Good weekend, got some quality time with the car, always love that!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Sponge

Peyton is such a sponge that he will do literally everything he sees other people do. This photo of him pumping (Thanks Melia) is just one sidesplitting example of why we now have to watch everything we do and say, yet are more entertained than ever! Of course we can get him to do some really cute things like the howling (see story below). Gotta love him.

The Longest Day

Jesse has survived his surgery and has come thru with much improved vision. He can now read the box scores on the tv screen, so he's happy. However, getting there was a bit of a challenge. They kept pushing back his time so it felt like we were waiting around the house to leave. Then on the way up they pushed it back even further so we had to dink around Olympia to kill time. By the time we finally got to Belllevue it was 2:30 and he didn't end up actually coming out from surgery till 5:30. But I had a great time sitting in the waiting room for almost three hours by myself. Read two whole Parents magazines, I am now an expert on parenting.

To make matters worse, I had to drive him home and I tend to be a nervous driver in traffic, then it started raining. Oh MY! Poor Jesse, all drugged up having to listen to my traffic rants. We decided I needed to get off the road and the best option seemed to be to stop and get something to eat. Well, what should have been about an hour stop turned into me driving around for a hour to find a restaurant and then us eating for a hour. By the time we got home we had been gone for 10+ hrs. LONG DAY! But as I said Jesse can see much better and we got to rock out to a long lost mix cd on the way back so it was all worth it!

When we got back Peyton was anxiously awaiting our arrival, I'm sure, and I was happy I got to say goodnight to him. Plus, Dad taught him something really cute. He showed him a picture of a wolf and taught him how to howl so now he does this little "ow, ow, owww!" (or however you spell the wolf sound). Between that and his constant head banging, mostly on the floor, he is quite a character and is entertaining me as we speak with his little shimmy shake, stomp dance! Love him!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scrapbooking Day

Fourth of July Derby
Peyton's 1st B-Day

Tuesday's have become my friend Heidi and mine's scrapbooking day. It is so nice to have a dedicated day to do something other than cooking and cleaning! We end up getting a lot done (see photos) and get to gab a little. My latest pages have been of Peyton's first birthday and Fourth of July '07. A bit of a gap between those events but I am not a very organized scrapbooker. Actually, I am what you would call a cut and paste girl. I use mostly premade stuff and my pages are very cluttered and busy and crazy! Then you have super perfect Heidi sitting across from me, measuring things and using very specific themes, hand making stuff. She makes me feel very pathetic about my pages but I love her and her stuff does look great. I guess I just need to step up my game, yeah right too lazy for that!

One of other great things is, she brings her almost three year old with her so Peyton gets to have a buddy to play with for a while. Although, Sawyer (her son) is one of the most go, go, go kids I had ever met before Peyton, so he isn't exactly the calming influence I really need for him but the get to tire eachother out and bite one another and fight over toys. My kid is such a punk. It's a great time for one and all! Maybe Peyton really needs to hang out with some girls, they are supposed to be sweet and calm right?

Jesse heads for eye surgery tomorrow so he will be blind thursday night if anyone wants to come over and make fun of him, or ooh throw stuff at him or stick stuff down his pants, that would be good! Its just a touch up on the lasik he got done when he was younger but it means I get to drive all the way to Bellevue! Hopefully all will go well.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Turf and Sweat

Turf and Sweat Day arrived and the only person who ended up working for NSP was Erica so everyone else was available for the hard labor. For a while it didn't look like it was going to happen because the skies were gloomy but the boys headed out anyway. Even with the weather we were able to get a remarkable amount done, and believe it or not, I did actual physical labor. Not my favorite thing, but I wanted to earn that steak! My biggest accomplishment would definitely have been hammering. Yep, I hammered at least 35 nails into some shingles to secure a new roof. However, the overall biggest project would be the new side deck. The boys, mostly, got quite far on it. It was sometimes very comical and tense to watch because you had Dad, who was technically in charge, then Nate, who does construction for a living, Spencer, whose going to be an engineer, and Jesse, who tends to be strong headed, all giving their opinions on how this deck should be built. At times, Mom and I had to referee a bit or Dad would have to step in, but there was no blood shed, just men being men. Peyton was, of course, the biggest help of all, but he did look so cute in his little work man outfit.

After all the work and toil we enjoyed some delicious steaks and baked potatoes, yummy! Then we topped it off with my chocolate chip cookies and some card games and it turned out not to be to bad of a day. Side note for any who are curious, Melia did not do physical labor, she just watched the kids, all though you may have been able to guess that.

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Post Ever!

So, I never ever thought I would read people's blogs, let alone join the blogging world. But I did it. I am weak. All of your influences took me over and it just seemed so cool, he he he! Or I felt bad because I am awful about keeping in touch with people (emails, phone calls, letters, telegrams, morris code, smoke signals, all of it) so I figured this might be a good way to keep such folks informed and give others a chance to get to know me, since I am too shy to ever strike up a conversation. Most likely it is a combination of the two.

My life is not that glamorous, so we will see if I can find enough to write about. Erica just got a job 4 days a week working at Onalaska in their special ed preschool and Melia starts Centralia College on Monday, so between Mom and I we have Madison and Isabell in the mornings along with Peyton, of course. It has proved to be quite a challenge with just Madison and Peyton but I am hopeful it will get better, although I don't know where this hope comes from. Peyton is just into everthing these days. I spends most waking hours pulling him off of chairs, tables, stairs, couches, etc. I swear he is constantly finding stuff he is not supposed to be in. Not too many words yet, unless uh-oh and tickle tickle count, which makes communicating with him a little bit harder. It has to get better though, right?

We took him to Fort Borst Park the other day to see the ducks and try to feed them, which was an experience. Even after showing him what to do, every piece of bread we gave him went straight into his mouth. Apparently the ducks didn't deserve it as much as he did. That is a picture of him at the top shoving his mouth full. Oh well, it was so darn cute, we will try again later. He is a ball to take to parks becuase he is so fearless. There is no taking him down slides, he just throws himself down head first. Again, a ball to watch, but also slightly frightning for a mother to have a son with no fear.
Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th, Dad is having a "Turf and Sweat" Day (his name not mine). Basically, if you help him outside finish up some of his projects you get a steak, so that is what Nate and Jesse will be doing most of the day while I watch the kids (Erica and Melia are working), but if anyone else is hungry... :) he he he! I really hate working outside, I would much rather clean inside or do the cooking and baking, which I am sure is what I will do!

Ok, well that was pretty long and informative for my first post. Hopefully, I and my page will improve, just give me some time!