Monday, January 25, 2010

That's not candy!

How many times do you tell your kids that. I have recently struggled with the concept that cough drops aren't candy even though you unwrap them. Usually I try to keep him away from these non-candies, but last night when he thought a beef bouillon cube was candy and preceded to throw a fit when I didn't give him one, I decided to let him know I was telling the truth. He became super eager as I grabbed one solitary cube from the container and unwrapped it carefully to ensure I caught all the crumblies. It then passed from my hand to his and then straight into his mouth. About 3 chomps and 2 seconds later he got the face. You know, the one where it seems your child's face is shrinking and then suddenly the tongue comes out, along with whatever was in his mouth. Yep, that is exactly what he did, followed by minutes of him making the "gross taste in my mouth" noise. Too bad there are no photos, it was all very spur of the moment. Hopefully, this will teach him a lesson. If I tell you it's not candy, I mean it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How did THAT happen!

One day you are just living with your parents, the next you are moving next door and renting a duplex, and about 4 days later you are putting in an offer on a house. Yea, crazy. Both us and Nate and Erica have put in offers on matching houses right next to each other in Chehalis. A little silly, and totally unexpected. They are just simple 1,700 sq ft, 3 bed 2 bath homes, but we could get them at a steal. The chances of us getting them are very slim because they are short sales, but it all happened so quick and before I knew it we were getting pre-approved and signing the paperwork. Of course, now we are all jazzed about it and will probably be crushed if we don't get them. We even went out Friday night after we put in the offers to celebrate by watching Avatar in IMAX 3D (which I totally recommend even if you have already seen it.) Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yay for the OTHER Peyton!

All week I had been nervous about this weekends Colts game because I wanted them to win so badly. If you don't have a team you are really rooting for, the playoffs and the Superbowl just aren't that exciting. But luckily, Peyton had an outstanding showing yesterday and they cruised to a victory. The Mormon, Austin Collie, even scored the first touchdown. Most of you probably aren't big football fans and don't really care but I am happy. Only one more game to win and then its back to the Super Bowl. The last time they went was when I was prego with Peyton. We had to wait and see if they won to finalize our decision to name our son Peyton. Manning came through and became the MVP, sealing Peyton's name fate. Go Colts!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nate is so OLD!

Maddy helping the birthday boy pretend to blow out candles.

This week we celebrated Nate's 25th birthday the only way you can really celebrate being a quarter century going to Chuck E. Cheese. If you are feeling old, then going to the place where a kid can be kid is perfect. We did start the evening by going to the very adult Red Robin. Man, their new garlic parm fries are so delish! They did sing happy birthday to him, but somehow Jesse ended up eating his sundae. By the time we got to the Chuck, we were all very stuffed but the boys quickly got over it and started playing away. I mean the kids were there somewhere, ok not really we played with them also. The last couple times we went Peyton has stayed in his booth, just sitting and watching. But this time he finally warmed up and started having a ball. His favorite is to carry around the tickets and steal people's skee balls. Melia is trying to save up tickets for a Polly Pocket, and with a few jackpots we managed to get her over 1000 tickets for the night, only 4000 to go. Enjoy the pics, all of them.

Peyton didn't eat a single fry all night, he mostly just stood on the chair looking around, swinging his necklace.
Yep, that's Jesse eating Nate's b-day sundae!
Nate during the singing, because he was holding Parker they didn't make him stand up.
One of Melia's jackpots as modeled by Peyton.

Peyton and Madison helping their daddys race.

Even Mom got into the basketball, we all did that a lot. Poor Jesse just couldn't beat me no matter how hard he tried. Isabell is trying to imitate Peyton smashing his face against the glass.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Peyton is really...umm...Special!

I need to better about blogging the unimportant stuff. I get so overwhelmed by big events, that I shy away from doing them and in the process miss all the little things. I am fairly good about eventually scrap booking the big things, I need to make sure to write about things I might not otherwise remember. Bring on the Peyton oddities.

He has a few quirks that make him seem quite eccentric to others. For awhile, he was obsessed with standing in stuff. Big bowls, boxes, little containers, anything he can fit his feet into. Whatever he was doing, he would drag said object over and stand in it while doing his activity.

Another weird thing, his security blanket is a beaded necklace. Don't worry he never wears it, he just loves to carry it around. For hours he swings it back and forth, shakes it while talking to himself, and simply clutches it while doing other activities. Even at the doctors yesterday, he had to have his necklace, which was a little embarrassing for me.

One Peyton quirk that is so adorable is Daddy Race. Almost every day he asks for Daddy Race, which is when Jesse races on Mario Kart and Peyton sits in his lap and roots for him. So cute. He pulls him out there, sit him in a chair, says Blankie and Jesse grabs them blanket and he then curls up on Jesse's lap.

Lastly, his new favorite store is Wal-Mart. Anytime, he gets dressed to go outside he asks if we are going to Wal-Mart (pronounced Wal-Nart). If the answer is no, man does he get upset. If we do venture there, of course with necklace in hand, he loves to run around and see if he can lose us. Not such a fun game for me when I also have Brady, but the right candy can get him to sit in the cart.

I love him dearly and he is constantly cracking me up. We just discovered he has strep-throat so that would explain some of his less than pleasurable behaviors, but I hope he feels better soon. Love ya crazy P!