Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hanging poolside

Now that the weather has officially decided to be nice, Mom filled up the pool this morning so the kids could play in it this afternoon. Even though the kids play in it a lot during the summer, this was really the first time we did it this season so I figured I better post some pics. Unfortunately, Izzy wasn't here so it was just Peyton and Madison but they had a lot fun together. We even got the slide out and hooked it up to the hose and both kids really liked to play in it (and drink from it!) Fun times...
Peyton re-hydrating himself, I guess it is better than when he drank from the bottom of the slide.

Madison was her dainty self, she played in the water but never tried to go down the slide.
Peyton really liked it when I splashed him with my feet, he even started lifting them out of the water himself!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pure Randomness

Between us re-doing our room and Peyton's birthday, I was quite distracted for a while and kind of missed posting some stuff. Now that we are done with all that, I am still not totally back in a blogging mood but there are a few things I wanted to make sure I got in here. In theory this is supposed to be like my journal, or at least a record of our family, and I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with us. Years from now we can just look back and say, "Wow, we were super lame at this time!" Anyways, I got my first real Mother's Day gift this year and I was totally surprised. Jesse is not always the sneakiest person and I am always around Peyton when he is, so I didn't see when he could do something. But on Mother's Day morning, Peyton and Jesse presented me with this apron that Peyton had made using his hand prints. It was so awesome that it made me tear up, and I do not usually do that!

If I had been paying attention, I would have suspected something. When I woke up Saturday I found Jesse cleaning up the mess, but I totally did not connect the dots. I thought it was a very clever idea and now I just wish I had some place to display it all the time!

This was from a couple weeks ago, Peyton and Isabell were upstairs watching a movie and I think they look so cute all snuggled together. You can't really tell but they do have the blankets over them and are quite close to one another.

In other news, Peyton has become the biggest parrot ever. Whenever we say something to him, he just repeats it instead of giving his own response. This is sometimes cute, sometimes very annoying but it makes for interesting conversations. He is definitely talking more now than he was, but it is mostly to himself (or someone we can't see, Melia always did that.) Usually he'll be jumping around saying something and a few moments later, we will figure out he is singing a song. I am actually surprised at how many he seems to know. He will also read us some books, if he's heard them enough, and that is just way too cute. Unfortunately, he also is able to recite a lot of television shows (mostly Dora) and some commercials. We watch the Price is Right a lot and when ever the AARP commercials come on he pays special attention and now at the end of them he always recites, "Yep, this is one great card," with the spokesguy. Apparently, he has a good memory, he must just have a selective memory because he always seems to forget that he isn't supposed to touch the remote! Ok, that is enough for now, I swear I am going to do a remodel blog I just have to get the pictures, so look for it in about a week (he, he, he!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How bad are my dinners?

Once again as we were eating dinner, Peyton fell asleep in his highchair. Although, this time he used his sippy cup as a pillow, trying to change it up a bit and make it more comfortable apparently. As you can see, he joined his father who had already fallen asleep before I even served dinner and I ended up eating alone, sad. I am wondering if my men are sending me a message, that sleeping is a much better option than eating my food! Peyton was so tired that he fell back asleep on Jesse when we tried to wake him up. He apparently should stop skipping his naps, which definitely means he is not ready to be done with them yet (yay for me!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

30 weeks...ish!

Yesterday was yet another checkup for unnamed baby boy. I wanna have this kid so I can stop driving up to Olympia all the time, ok and a myriad of other reasons. He seems to be perfectly healthy as do I except for my blood tests were on the anemic side, not too big of a deal. The doctor said the only real way to stop the sciatic nerve back pain and the pelvic pain is to have the baby, but I should probably wait a little longer. Maybe that means they would induce me early (pipe dream I know!) I realize I haven't posted a tummy photo in a while so here is one we took at Peyton's birthday of all the pregnant ladies there. Not including women who are past child bearing age, 4 of the 6 girls there were pregnant. That's a lot of hormones at one party! Featured in the photo is Erica, sister-in-law Raya, Me and Heidi. We are lined up according to who is due first, starting with Erica. I know, Raya doesn't really even look pregnant, but she is due two days before me. She is even trying to stick it out!

Heidi (Sept. 28th), Me (July 31st), Raya (July 29th), and Erica (June 27th)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peyton is 2!

Saturday, my little boy turned two. I think I was so caught up with planning the party and working on our room, that I didn't really have time to think about it and let it sink in. But holy cow! I have a two year old, that is so weird. And to think soon I will be the mother to two kids, I will have kids, plural.

Anyways, we started the day with a new tradition, a birthday breakfast. We made him a P shaped waffle and he scarfed it so fast I barely got a picture. The rest of the day we kind of let him do whatever he wanted, partly because it was his birthday and partly because we were both busy getting stuff ready.

His party was a mostly family attended Dora themed party. A couple of Jesse's brothers who live three hours away even came, that was awesome and super nice of them. Luckily, it was a beautiful day so we got to do the everything outside. He is only two so we didn't do much. There was a pull string pinata (surprisingly he wasn't that into picking up the candy) and then we just did cake and presents. It was hard to keep him focused on opening gifts, he preferred to just play with whatever he opened. The rest of the evening we all just hung out and chatted, ate fruit salsa (the best part!), and watched the kids play. All in all it was a great party. Thanks to all who came and helped out, Peyton won't remember it but we will, and we have pictures to prove to him who was there.

Surprisingly, they all jumped fairly well on the tramp together, and they were super cute!

Baby Blake and Ilee, they are the ones who endured such long car rides for this Fiesta.

This was one of the pull string pinatas so all the younger kids could do it, Peyton took a few turns!

All the kids going after the candy, as you can see I am trying to point out to him the candy so he will pick it up.

Peyton's Dora cake, which he sort of helped me do a.k.a. he tried to eat all the frosting as I decorated!

For some reason, Peyton got really shy when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

He was better after we blew out the candles (he did not attempt that) and everyone stopped looking at him.

The birthday boy daintily eating his cake.

The car we got Peyton, it was an instant magnet for all the kids.

This is Peyton trying to sit in the car with his cousin Hailey, way too cute!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Melia's still a teenager!

Last Saturday Melia Michelle turned 19! It's amazing how much she has already done by this age and it is weird to think she is still a teenager. I love that she makes me feel old at the same time she makes me feel slow, because we are basically at the same point in our lives with five years between us. Anyway, the celebration was low key. Just a family party with calzones, cake, presents, and a little pictionary. Happy Birthday Melia!

Blowing out the candles (she spit all over the cake and we still ate it!)

Melia got lots of movies for her new place, some money, and eatery gift cards.

Pictionary was fun, can you tell what she drawing? Her team couldn't! Jesse, Erica, Nate, and I were the winners beating Spencer, Melia, and Dad.

Peyton also wanted to play pictionary, unfortunately he thought drawing on his tray was the same as the board.

Friday, May 1, 2009