Thursday, February 11, 2010

Umm...did we just buy a house?

The Outside of Our House

I think we may have. Not to get to far ahead. We haven't closed yet, but our offers have been accepted, most of the papers are in, and the inspections went great. All of this has happened very quickly and our soon to be neighbors have even had a little freakout beacause of its quick approach, but we calmed them down. Now comes the stress of closing and moving. Unfortunately, I am really sick from switching medicines and standing has become a bit of an issue but hopefully that gets better soon so we can move. They really want to close by the 26th of Feb and it will probably happen right around then. We hope to move in shortly after, we'll probably paint first. The houses are located just off the freeway by the Adna exit (yes, that puts us in the Adna ward), but I can't wait to live back in a pseudo city. It is all so nerve racking, but exciting and I can't wait to decorate. I only have a few photos that Erica took one night of some weird areas of the house. I will try to get more up soon. Wish us more luck.

This is how close our house is to Erica and Nate's

Our living room

Looking towards the dining room and living room from the kitchen

The Master Bathroom