Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twilight Confessions

So, when you are so sick that any activity seems like torture, you eventually get bored just watching TV. It was no longer providing me enough of a distraction to keep me from focusing on my misery and pain. I was desperate, but my concentration also sucked, I had no solutions. Then Erica started reading the twilight series and I picked up the book she had left on the table. I read the back of it, laughed out loud at how stupid it sounded, and then pushed myself to read the first chapter. At this point an odd thing happened, it was like watching a bad movie that was just entertaining enough to keep you interested, but also dumb enough to keep you laughing and marveling at the absurdity of it all. "Carpool" is a great example of this, ooh and "Grease 2."

Soon I found myself entrenched in the book, it was working miracles, making me forget my pain for minutes at a time. There was no great intellect or big words to the story, so even in my half-brained state I could keep up with it. I have now finished the series, including the partial Midnight Sun, and I have a confession. I have become a Twilight Prisoner. Not a Twilight Addict, these are two very different things. Addicts like anything Twilight, even the movie. After reading the books, I hate the movie even more. No, despite the fact that I become engrossed in the books, I don't love them. They have just somehow found a hold on me, I want to walk away from them and never think about them but I can't. Even Jesse felt the need to read them, so we could discuss them. Actually, I read the last two to him, apparently I narrate well, then he can do chores while i read too! Bonus!

We have both agreed that there is no mystery or true suspense, the whole last book is pretty laughable, and I am so not a fan of the whole vampire thing. Sure, the Cullen's are good, but just the sheer amount of people that are murdered because of the existence of vampires is unnerving. The passion between them might be the best and worst thing about the books. Sure, it's hot, but then don't all of our normal relationships seem super wimpy and unpassionate in comparison. Ahh, dilemmas. Of the books my favorites were definitely the third book and Edward's (Midnight Sun.) Bella is kinda annoying so I liked hearing things from his perspective, plus it made him seem less creepy.

Ok, so I have confessed to reading them and to finding them somewhat entertaining, but I welcome the day I am free from their hold. You have my permission, go ahead and insert laugh here, I deserve it. The series I was never going to read, has been read, twice.

Whew, I obviously had a lot to get off my chest, this stuff has been totally bugging me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I know I have been really letting down my faithful blog followers, sorry guys. It is just that when I feel this crappy, all the time, I don't have motivation to do anything really, and definitely not something that takes any measure of creativity. I do think I am finally on my way up, out of this cloud of sickness that seems to surround me all the time. I don't know if its the meds or just time, but my body is definitely starting to make me eat. Going for so long living on the least amount of food as possible (for a few days it was just a hostess cupcake, go figure) my body has started to fight back. Although, now I can stand again, the food has upset my tummy more than it was. I just can't win. This better be one good baby! I swear I will get back to the regular updates soon, don't lose faith in me!