Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Mash Bash

Growing up, I always used to look forward to Halloween even though I spent a lot of them in a trash bag. Some years we had parties others we just went to the school carnival or trick or treating. But after last years debacle, I decided if I wanted Halloween to be fun now, I would have to do something about. Thus the idea for a Halloween party was born. It also helps that I like to plan parties and make treats! Unfortunately, our house isn't huge so we couldn't have as many people as I wanted, but we were able to have my family and some friends over. Almost everyone came in costume, some we had to improvise here, and we had all the usual activities. A costume contest, which was won by Nate and Stacie for the adults and Payton and well technically Madison but she was too young to care about a prize, so Makenna had the next highest amount of votes. After that some of us tried to learn how to do the Thriller dance, it did not go so well. See below exhibit. Then it was a mummy wrapping competition and bobbing for apples (which Melia ended up being the overall champion of.) Other than that it was just a LOT of eating and chatting. I hope everyone had fun because I am already thinking about next year. Prepare for lots of pics!

Mom and Dad went as Aliens in the infamous trash bags.
Erica, Nate, and Madison went as pirates and Parker was their Monkey.
Melia and Isabell also ended up being pirates, though they looked more like wenches or bar maids.
We went as Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.

Peyton wasn't too enthused about having to leave the back room to come partake, as you can tell by his face. Kinley was one of the first kids done, but the official winner was...
Jillian, team Gifford was on fire because Doug and Clarissa were also the adult winners, though it seems his outfit led to an advantage. Stacie and Jason got pretty close.
Melia had some issues with Isabell. They may have won had Isabell not kept pulling off the TP!
I was at a severe disadvantage because I had to wrap Jesse and Brady, plus I really sucked!
And this is Peyton in the back room about and hour after the contest was over, so oblivious when Dora is on!

Both Makenna (Hermione) and Payton (Indiana Jones)
Nate as a Pirate, missing tooth and all
Stacie came decked out in 80's garb but I couldn't find a good pic of just her.

Melia on her championship run. She beat out Jesse after beating me. Jesse beat out Doug, who beat out Dad, after beating Andy. Confused?
Not too many kids were able to go beacause of illness, but Payton, Drake, Savannah (who lost her tooth in the bucket), and Hunter went.

I just love Isabell's face. Andy was trying to dodge out of the way after using Iz as the starting gun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Reveal

Well, most of you were able to get it right...Boy #1 is Brady and Boy #2 is Peyton. And yes Alesha, you did cheat! My mom did get it wrong if that is any consolation. I am curious to see if they will continue to look alike. If they do, there may be more challenges in your future. I will stump you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can you tell who's who?

Everyday, Brady freaks me out more and more because he looks just like Peyton...and moves just like Peyton and smiles just like Peyton! So since I can't tell the difference very easily, I thought I would send out the challenge to see if any of you can. Who's who?

Boy #1

Boy #2