Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take a knee...

I know it has been a super long time since I have blogged, but the move and lack of computer has crazed things up. I don't have time for huge updates but thought I would throw out these couple cute things.

Jesse has really been working with Peyton on his prayers and they kind of always end them by saying "help me to wake up happy in the morning." Well the other morning as I was changing his diaper he said, "I wake up happy." So, I replied, " well that's good." "Yeah," he said, "because of my prayers." How sweet right?

In other knee news, Brady is crawling and has been for a few months, but I never posted a six month update so I just wanted to make sure that ya'll knew where he was. He is super fast and loves to follow people, especially Peyton, everywhere but he kind of does this Gallom crawl where he doesn't put one knee down. Occassionally, he'll stand alone and I would love him to walk so going outside would be easier. Sorry that's all for now.