Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rach, got the keys...

Monica- " I asked, 'Rach, got the keys?'"

Rachel- "No, you said 'Rach, got the keys.'"

Chandler- "Do either of you actually have the keys?"

Well, we do. Thats right. Both of us have officially closed on our houses and have our keys. Actually, we've been home owners for a while, but I have been to busy to post it. This past weekend we painted the whole place and have since been moving in bit by bit and it is all leading up to the big weekend. Both the Millers and us will be moving in this Saturday and calling these places our homes. Hopefully after things get settled I can write more and post some before and after pics. Plus, knowing me, I love to throw a party so I am sure there is a housewarming bash in our future. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out with prayers and well wishes. We are almost done.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Howlin Good Time!

With all the craziness of the house I had almost completely forgot I had planned a mini vacation for Jesse, Peyton, and I at the Great Wolf Lodge. Jesse and I had been before and it seems like P has been getting the short end of the parental stick lately so I thought he could use some two on one time. As soon as we got there, he was overwhelmed by all the animals an he loved to point out every one, over and over again. We already knew his love of hotel rooms from Seaside, and this proved to be true again. He probably could have stayed in the room all night, playing in the drapes, eating licorice, and talking on the phone. Eventually we coaxed, or, err, forced him into his swim clothes and headed towards the the water park.

Upon entering, like expected, he was not digging it. Too many people, too loud, too new, who knows? He didn't want to leave Jesse's arms, so we just walked all over to get him accommodated. After about 30 mins or so he finally started to warm up to the idea and before too long he was loving it. I would say the wave pool and slides were his favorite. In the wave pool he would stand where two waves would meet so he would get knocked over and he loved it. We kind of felt like the bad parents because we never did put a life jacket on him (he hates them), but we let him go up to the slides all by himself, though we never let him out of our sight. And he would always look for us before he went down. Sometimes he would even make a friend at the top of the little kid slide and say to them, " 1, 2, 3, ready, set, go" and then let them go first. The poor kid always felt tricked. Even though I still didn't feel good enough to do anything I had a blast just watching Peyton having so much fun. The poor kid does need to get more fat on him, he was freezing in no time.