Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you guyline?

In honor of American Idol's Adam Lambert, and because we saw a show making fun of the "guyline" trend, I decided Jesse needed to show some more spirit while watching American Idol. If you are wondering, yes I had taken my medicine, but he was still very wimpy about it getting put on (he was tearing up because it bothered his eyes but I did not poke him once) so I didn't get to do very much. It is hard to tell in the pictures but I swear it is there. He really liked doing the creepy Adam Lambert eyes with it on, who knows this may become his daily look.

Why give kids jelly?

Mom was nice enough to make Peyton some lunch the other day because I have had such trouble getting around. Now, let me state that this was very nice of her, but...we made need to change what she feeds him. Not quite as innocent as a pb&j sandwich, he was served pb&j toast, open faced. When I cam back to clean him up, this is what I found. Apparently scrapping all the jelly off was a lot more fun than eating it. That boy sure can make a mess, if he does it he goes all the way!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do I look older?

Yesterday was my 24th birthday but it doesn't feel over because my family party isn't until Sunday. It just never feels official till your family sings to you and you eat your mud pie (yum!) But my actual birthday did not go uncelebrated. Jesse and I had a surprise date night, I wasn't aware of the plans till we were already on our way. It started with a wonderful dinner at Red Robin where they were nice enough to give me my sundae without making me stand up and be sung to. This happened to be just the dinner I was craving so Jesse is quite the good stomach reader.
Some awesome moon boots we saw while at dinner, those deserve a spotlight!

I then had my choice between a night at the arcade, a much loved activity for the two of us, or a movie. Since the standing and walking haven't been my friends lately I opted for the movie. However, we had to wait a while for the movie to start so we ended up going to the mall's arcade to kill time anyway. Mostly, it was Jesse playing, but I did contribute some to our ticket total resulting in the most expensive airheads ever! My movie of choice was Duplicity, the new Julia Roberts & Clive Owen film, and it definitely kept me on my toes. Jesse was just happy that we saw a movie where I couldn't accurately predict the end (I annoyingly tend to do that. I even annoy myself, who wants to know how every movie will turn out?) Even though I was stuffed from dinner, I managed to get down some popcorn and swedish fish, ahh the joys of pregnancy, so I left the movie very full and ready for bed. I don't think I look older yet, maybe by Sunday, but Melia did depress me when she thought I was 25, thanks sis!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cravings; what keeps life interesting!

Cravings; bringing family members together for unexpected moments since (well '07 for me.) Cravings; a wonderful tool to fuel insane moments. The purpose of this definition seminar is to explain the grand madness that took place just a few moments ago in the Abrahamson house. Now the back story, I had taken my night time sleepy pill, that's about all the story there is. These are the same pills doctors warn that night driving with out remembering any of it can occur. Safe, huh? Well sparked by some random comment I decided that I just had to have an icee. Now, these can't be reproduced at home so I would have to venture out to get one. I was well aware I shouldn't be driving so I needed to recruit some people to take part in this randomly "sweet" adventure. Luckily, when I am in these moods, my particular brand of crazy can be very convincing. I got Jesse, Dad, and P all suited up for a trip to AMPM where my craving could be met and they could share in the splendor. We may have seemed a little out of place with some of us in jammies and only grabbing icee's but they were totally worth it. There is nothing like me getting exactly what I want and having a great time with the fam at the same time. Every once and a while pregnancy rocks! Tomorrow I will not remember I said or thought that, so it won't count then!
Peyton enjoying the fruits of my soon to be labor, he has an amazing ability not to get brain freeze!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You are very sleepy!

Peyton sitting still with us at all is a very rare occasion, but the other day, under a little persuasion (aka a bottle), Jesse got Peyton to take a nap with him. It was so super cute and sweet, however, I still decided to chance waking them by snapping a picture or two. No damage was done and they both napped happily for over an hour.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking News

It's a...

Yup, it's another boy for us (that's what the shirt means if you didn't get that.) I'm not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed it's not a girl, but I didn't cry or anything this time. Plus, Peyton probably needs a brother and that way Erica's boy will have a boy to play with. The worst part about having a boy... we have no names! It took us so long to come up with Peyton last time, I was lucky the Colts went to the super bowl or he might be nameless. Jesse's brother is having another girl and his wife has wanted a boy so I was thinking "Raya, our kids are due only a couple days apart and we could totally switch this time, no one would know!" Just thinking out loud.

This baby was a bit of a pain in the butt too. I have to go back for a second ultrasound again so they can get all the measurements they need. We didn't really get any good pictures this time, so hopefully we will next time. I am posting a picture of my belly although I am still not showing a whole lot (we went to Olive Garden to celebrate/cheer up so I was showing a little more than usual!) Other than that, not a whole lot of baby news to report. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


As Heidi and I were watching America's Next Top Model the other day, they had a girl on there who was 25. Now that is pretty old for the show, not to mention she bugs me, and I was thinking "How in the heck is someone that old on here?" I then took a moment to reflect and realized I would be turning 24 in a little over a week. My family knows I have been stressing this birthday a little bit and it hit me even harder how old I am getting. I know to most of you 24 is younger than you are and it seems ridiculous, but I just don't feel that old, or that mature. That might be the problem, I don't act like a 24 yr old. Most are either hanging out, slightly more carefree than I, or they have families and act like adults. I still get so shy around adults I usually can't talk, I hate calling people, and I never challenge someone older than me. So I am a shy kid stuck in an almost mother of two's body! Hmmm, this has just been really getting to me lately and I don't know how to handle it. Maybe I should go to Chuck E Cheese's for my birthday so I can get intimidated by some 12 yr old and feel really pathetic! At least I would feel like I was among my peers (although they seem to be more annoying than I am!) Why?!?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our little critic

As mentioned, Jesse and I are getting a little more riled up than usual with this season of American Idol. Now, you can't watch the show without throwing out your opinion now and again and it seems Peyton has started to pick up on it. A few nights ago, when the judges were choosing people to enter the wild card round, they selected the dreaded Tatiana. Now if you have ever seen her, man is she annoying! In response to our disappointment both of us let out a big and dramatic "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Peyton then turned around, looked at us, and let out his own big, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Oh my, it was so cute! We immediately started cracking up and Peyton being the performer he is, noticed our reaction and then kept letting out dramatic nooo's. It was the perfect relief to our frustration. We tried to teach him how to boooo last night so he could expand his critiquing repertoire, but it didn't go as well. Shucks, maybe next time!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Just some Peyton summer pages, but its something!

After months of doing nothing creative, I have finally done some more scrapbooking (that's about all I know how to do!) It has just been a few pages, but it felt great and now I am slightly addicted again, but trying to hold back so I don't end up spending too much money on pictures and accessories. I guess we may have to start getting back into our scrapbook days so I have that time planned out to do it. Plus the new season of America's Next Top Model started last night so I know Stacie and Heidi (my scrapbooking pals) will have to get their fix and us me for my TV and dish! Just kidding girls, I can't watch it without my fellow critics!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gotta get away!

When you live with your parents, and your sister and her family, quality "family" time is hard to come by. Jesse and I have been feeling like we need to get away and "reconnect", uh...not in a dirty way, so we planned a trip to the beach. We figured if we waited till the end of February I would be feeling better so we made reservations for this past weekend at Seaside. Turns out I am still not feeling great all the time and this would mean I would have to not take my medicine again for a few days, but I didn't want to wuss out and we really did need to get out. At the last minute we decided to take Peyton along and make it a family trip. It was going to be a lot more challenging but a lot of fun too!

On Thursday night we headed out with a full car and empty stomachs. We couldn't wait till we got there to eat so we stopped at Sizzler in Longview, filled our tummys and then continued on to Seaside. Even though we got there at 8 or so, they still had to check and make sure our room was clean, and turns out it wasn't, so they upgraded us to Ocean front at no extra charge (big bonus since we are too cheap to ever get those rooms.) Peyton enjoyed the view, and the room, there were lots of things to play with, especially the phone. It was too late to really do anything so we just hung out in the room and then set up Peyton's crude bedroom, a sheet draped over part of the room to create a barrier so he couldn't see us. He actually slept and napped surprisingly well. Peyton making his very important phone calls, he would actually say hello, some gibberish, the bye. It was too cute!

At Pig N Pancake after he drank some of Jesse's grapefruit juice.

Friday started out with a breakfast at must-do Pig N Pancake, then shop hopping for a while. We took him on his first trip on a carousel, that was entertaining. The poor little guy was so scared and crying that we had to stop it and let Jesse ride with him and even then he didn't seem to enjoy it too much (we are such mean parents.) It's a little blurry, but you get the point, he was not having fun!

After a trip down to the water where Peyton chased seagulls, and a quick trip through the aquarium (not super exciting, but P liked pointing and say "fish") we headed to Peyton's favorite part of the trip, the arcade! He just watched us play at first and then pretended to drive some cars before he found his calling in life...Deal or No Deal. I swear he was in heaven, all those buttons to push and the lights and the noise, oh my! He could have stayed there all day and been perfectly happy, but we had to leave so he could take a nap and that upset him, I just love public tantrums. Peyton and Jesse at Peyton's true love, Deal or No Deal, he made better deals when he played with me

Jesse doing a jump roping game and Peyton below, imitating what he saw dad do
Me showing off my baller skills

A sweet filled trip through the candy store rounded out the first part of our day, so we headed back to catch some zzz's. That evening was a short shopping trip to the outlets, some room service, and then the pool. That kid loves the water and he had a ton of fun, even when he was freezing. Again we had to force him to leave, but he calmed down when he got to play in the shower.

By Saturday we were all tired and my pelvic bone was really hurting (pregnancy side effect), so we made the short trip to Cannon Beach with the intent of only being there a little while. Mom and Dad met us down there and we took Peyton out to the water and to see Haystack Rock, but the tide was in so we couldn't walk out there. We took mom and dad out to lunch at Fultano's Pizza and then headed home. Peyton was asleep before we left Cannon Beach. I then had the bright idea that we should pick Rockband up since we were going to be getting home so soon, and then we could extend the vacation a little bit. After lots of searching we finally found it, but then I didn't really feel good enough to play it for too long, go figure. It was a really fun trip and it was nice for us to just be us for a while. Hopefully Jesse and I can escape by ourselves for a little bit soon, we could probably use it!