Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Peytonisms!

Precursor, Brady loves Team Umizoomi (a Nick show) and frequently repeats things they say. For a long time one of his only phrases was 'shark car'. So one night this is how an exchange went...
Jesse, "Brady, say goodnight."
Peyton, "No, Brady says 'Shark Car'!"

When driving home from Olympia Peyton was taking stock of where we were.
Peyton, "There's Home Depot. Grandpa takes me there."
We giggle, I say "That's right."
Peyton, "And there's Wal-Mart. Grandma takes me there."
Apparently, I take him no where!

Me to Peyton, "Peyton your daddy is ridiculous!"
Peyton pauses, "Mommy, you're fricculous too." He was serious!