Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the nook of time...

 Jesse suprised me with a nook as a my birthday/anniversary gift. This is something I had never considered getting myself nor did I even think I would like one. However, Jesse knew I wanted to get back into reading and with the start of our book club, he felt it the perfect opportunity to give me one. I have to say that I now love. I finished Huck Finn (my first choice) by way of real book but then have moved on to the nook for some inbetween reading while I wait for Jesse to finally finish. First was Emma, which I really liked and realized was how the movie Clueless got it's story line. Then I took a stab at Jungle Book, but only made it part way before I figured out it is more random short stories, and so now I am reading Jane Eyre. Once I finish it, I will have 3 of my Gilmore books done and only about 300 more to go. I love reading, but know why I gave it up. Once I start a book, I have to finish it. That means my day gets lost to reading, and I find myself withdrawn more. I am trying to manage my reading time better, and hope I can find a more realistic balance. That said, I love reading the classics, though I miss my Dean Koontz too, and its nice to feel an instant connection to million of other readers. I feel like I need to get my more girly choices out of the way, because Jesse is going for a more dramatic choice like Farenheit. I'll try to keep you updated on what we are reading, in case you want to take up the challenge too, Alesha.
But for now, I am heading back to the nook and some Jane Eyre.


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