Monday, March 21, 2011

Morgan Family Book Club

Both Jesse and I recently spent our babymoon weekend doing a lot of reading. He read two books and I read one. It seems that in our daily lives we just have trouble fitting long periods of reading in, but despite that, we have both decided we want to read more. Jesse really likes that it makes him feel smarter and I enjoy learning more, too. In order to have our reading bring the most benefits, we want to read the same book so then we could discuss, it like a show we are watching. Thus the Morgan Family Book Club was born.

We both wanted a wide range of books and liked the idea of reading books that are renowned the world over and therefore, we could discuss them with others and benefit from understanding refrences to them. I started pouring over must read lists and then remembered I had always been curious as to what they read on Gilmore Girls. That show is filled with so much literature and topical refrences that I had often wanted to feel as smart as a Gilmore. I was able to procur a list of some 200 books that are read or mentioned by all the characters on the show. I know we won't read them all, but it seemed like a good place to start. Now I have the task of choosing the first book and I have narrowed it down to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Jane Eyre. Any advice? I don't think either of us would be huge fans of overly romantic novels, so that is the only thing that scares me about Jane Eyre.

Our plan now is to start reading, once I decide, and then "meet" every other week or so, like a date date, and discuss what we think. I am just throwing this out there, but if anyone else is interested and would like to meet up with us every month or so, I think it could be a lot of fun. If nothing else we hope it can be good adult time that doesn't include any Dora or Super Why! So let me know, at least about what book we should tackle first. Thanks! Happy Reading.


Alesha said...

I would totally do it with you if I was there. Maybe we could still do it and we could just chat on the phone about the books:)

Nathan and Raya said...

I've never read Huck Finn, so I can't say anything about it, other than I should read it.
But I can tell you that Jane Eyre is a Gothic romance, although, most of the long book is not spent on romance. It's based on an orphan and her struggles in life. Finding some place she fits in, heartbreak etc. It is creepy too, which is awesome. I loved that it supposed to be a little scary.

You should also look into Jane Austin. I know you don't want overly romantic books, but her writing is biting and witty. I was surprised when I started reading her novels. I laugh out loud while reading them. A recomendation would be Northanger Abbey (not hugely popular, but I like it) and Pride and Prejudice. I've got a long list of books that are really good books if you are ever interested in them.

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