Friday, May 20, 2011

My baby is 4!

On Monday, May 16th Peyton turned 4 years old! I have been around for all 4 years, I can even remember the 30+ hrs of labor it took to get him out, and I still can't believe I have a 4 yr old. Sometimes I am still shocked that I have a kid at all! This year hasn't passed without it's challenges, but we have also been very, very blessed. Peyton is doing marvelous, as far as making progress, and he is excelling in school. I know we wouldn't all be doing as well without the help of many, many people. So I want to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you to those who have helped us both in person and in spirit. Peyton is so wonderful because of all of you!

Anyways, on to the party! Peyton had a day filled with birthday activities, starting with preschool.

The Good and...

the bad!

Blowing out the cookies!

Then his daddy picked him up from school and offered to take him anywhere he wanted to go for lunch. What did my son pick...K-mart! He started spouting about popcorn, red or blue icee's, and pizza. (Thanks Dad and Mom for that one!) Jesse then suggested Burger King and Peyton was fully on board.  After a family nap we were ready to head to Charlie Safari for the activity portion of the evening. Sorry there aren't really any pics, my camera sucks!

Boo's "what, I'm mad" face. He was a stinker the whole night!

We finally got Peyton the upgraded pass so he could go on everything and he loved it!

We left and picked up the pizza (mmm Papa John's), again Peyton thought we were going to K-mart, and went back to our house for food and cake. I was excited to see P and the cake, because he always gets so excited to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles at other's celebrations. He did not disappoint.

Me and Heidi. Yes I have pizza sauce on my face and it would remain there the whole night, thanks!

Mom found Brady eating cake by himself, took some pictures, then let him be!
Then came the gift portion of the evening, and lots of kids were willing to help out with this. We had already given him his trampoline and his trike from Erica and Alesha didn't arrive till the next day, but he seemed plenty happy with the loot he got!

The kitchen and lots of food from Melia
And of course, we couldn't have a get together without Mom trying to get a picture of all the kiddos. This one was no more successful than any other. Peyton cracked me up though because he was pretty uninterested the whole time, he just wore the same blank expression like nothing was going on.

Brady was out of there quick!

Almost got some smiles!
Finally, a picture of my belly!

Told ya the pizza sauce stayed there all night!


Alesha said...

Wow you are getting quite the pregnant bellly! Happy late B-day to Petyon! It looks like you guys all had a fun night.

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Institute for Internet Safety said...

Happy birthday little boy. Just enjoy having him this young though he's so energetic & on the move, because soon he'll grow up to be a young man with other things in mind, things with out you behind him. God Bless!